Storm So Run Joker Shad

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Out of the packet, the Storm So-Run Joker Shad has two membranes connecting the boot tail to the lure body. Leave the two membranes connected if you intend to fish the Joker Shad with a medium to fast retrieve, or want a tighter tail kicking action. Remove the lower membrane for maximum action on a slow retrieve.

The Joker Shad also features a ribbed body for added water displacement, as well as a thin middle band that adds movement to the whole tail section.

All So-Run soft baits are scent infused to add maximum attraction.

  • Twin-action tail responds differently when secondary tail membrane is removed
  • Tight tail kicking action with intact tail membrane for fast retrieves
  • Strong rolling action with removed tail membrane for slow-med retrieves
  • Ribbed, textured body for added vibration
  • Ideal for casting & vertical presentations alike