Ballistic Real Fish DTD

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Proizvajalec: DTD
Prodajna cena: 11,60 €
DDV: 2,09 €
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Ballistic Real Fish is a squid jig that combines several great characteristics. It uses technology already implemented in Ballistic White Killer which enables great casting distance.

Design is from well know Real Fish series with amazing natural colors already proven in catching squids.

In order to additionaly increase casting distance, product is equipped with aerodinamic silicone fins. Behaviour of these fins in the sea is very similar like behaviour of real fins of fish.

  • special body design
  • slim body - small air resistance
  • extra strong body
  • long cast system
  • movable weight technology
  • 40 % increased casting distance
  • 96% increased catching area
  • natural colors
  • fish parasite
  • active silicone fins
  • luminous body